Project development
Preparation of a project proposal with respective application form, logical framework, budget and preparation of the accompanying documents. Complete filling-in of the project proposal in ready-to-submit type and execution of a preliminary administrative check by the Managing Authority.

Management of an approved project
Overall management of the project until completion of the grant agreement and its final reporting.
This activity includes:
– Preparation of the necessary documents for signing a grant agreement;
– Draw up a schedule for the contractor selection procedures.
– Preparing a request for an advance payment;
– Preparation of tender documentation according to the requirements regarding the terms and procedure for determining the contractor by the beneficiaries of the grant;
– Preparation and implementation of the procedures for determining the contractor related to the implementation of the project activities;
– Assistance in finding a contract with the selected contractor and strictly following the terms and conditions set forth therein;
– Current reporting;
– Ongoing monitoring of project activities;
– Advice on the implementation of the project and the accounting of project costs;
– Assistance with correspondence and communication with representatives of the Managing Authority;
– Design of visual signs and stickers;
– Preliminary preparation for audit of the project;
– Completion of primary documents related to the implementation of the project;
– Preparation of the final technical report;
– Preparation of the final financial report;
– Make a request for balance payment.

Preparation of interim and final technical and financial reports, protocols and other documents related to the activities envisaged in the project.

Tender procedures
Preparation of documentation and complete tendering procedures according to the provisions and instructions of the Managing Authority.

Maintaining and ongoing updating of the project dossier on paper and electronic media and storing the documentation until the expiry of the storage periods.

Total monitoring
Euro Consulting Group Ltd. provides assistance through its employees during any monitoring visits and audits within the project and up to 3 years after its completion.

The company develops marketing researches, analyzes and strategies.

Financial care
The company offers its clients an additional service in the field of financing of their project endeavors.


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