About ECG Ltd.

Presentation in brief

The Euro Consulting Group Ltd. is a company established under the Commercial Law of Republic of Bulgaria and it is duly entered in the Commercial Register of the country.

In its essence, the company unites  capability and experience of group of experts on dealing with European funds and managing of projects primarily aimed at industrial development, modernization and insertion of innovations to wide spectrum of small and medium-sized enterprises, thus raising the economy of the country. The main activity of the company is full-scale development, administration, management, ongoing control and reporting of projects run by partner organizations throughout Bulgaria and funded by national or EU programmes. The company provides enhanced partnership based on network capacities of local and foreign entities.

The Euro Consulting Group Ltd. is specialized in provision of consultancy  and real-time support on project financing for technological modernization in small and medium enterprises, implementation of innovations, adoption of internationally recognized standards and introduction of effective management systems in enterprises. Main domains of the company are raising of production capacity and resource efficiency of industry, development of tourism, stimulation of agriculture as well as provision of specialized training accompanying acquisition of new equipment.

Recently, due to facing of significant problems regarding proper implementation of company` s own projects as well as other partners` projects, the team realized that the machinery alone was not enough and that the human factor is the key. Thus, the company started its involvement in the area of development of personal skills, entrepreneurial and competence training oriented not only to workforce but also to young people yet out of work, etc. Based on its experience with young people and adult workers when addressing the identified needs, the company involves wide youth community within the country in the course of the organization and implementation of youth activities.

The range of projects developed by The Euro Consulting Group Ltd. covers a wide spectrum of economic areas, primarily targeted at small and medium-sized enterprises on one hand, and young people and their transition from school to work as well their personal skills on the other hand. Since 2007 the company has gathered empirical experience, specific know-how and collected experts working in the field of consultancy for a number of investment, economic, social, educational, social and youth projects.


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